Sunday, October 30, 2011

And there's a great band of angels camped all around me

The weekend is over! Where did it go??
It's so sad, I wish I could just have a few more hours before Monday gets here, but it's almost 11 and I'm just now working on my online theatre appreciation assignment that's due tomorrow. I have stopped for the moment to blog though because this is more entertaining than theatre.
So Friday I didn't wake up until entirely too late and then got up and pretty much got ready for the Halloween Party. It was cold cold and wet! Two of my most unfavorite things, but it's okay because I still enjoy being with all of those people that I love dearly. After the party a group of us decided to head over to Gurley to the corn maze there. Lucky Andrew got stuck with me as a partner again. I was much more calm this time, but it might have been because it was so cold that that was all I was thinking about. At one point he even gave me his jacket to put over the one I already had on, haha he probably just wanted me to shut up. It was really fun though and we were lost in it for a long time, the next morning I realized how muddy it was because there was mud all the way up to the top of my boots. Good thing I had decided against wearing my new Uggs.
Saturday I was the first one awake at Kayla and Kendra's which was definitely not normal. I got up though and headed home so I could start packing for Villa Rica that night. I went with The Longs to the singing down there and wore khaki and a hair piece! What is getting into me, not dressing up for a singing?! Oh well. I got to see Dee Dee Voiles whom I love very much and have missed terribly! Kay, Ken, Bro. Matt, Sis. Andrea, and I all stayed in one hotel room... yea that means one bathroom also. It actually wasn't that bad. I did have to sleep in the middle of Kay and Ken as usual and had to fight for half of a pillow the entire night, it's okay though because we're best friends :) 
We stayed for church there again this morning and it was good and then we started the long drive home. We were so tired, but I'm so thankful I went to church tonight because The Lord sent the word of God and there was a neck hugging and The Lord sent me some help and I'm just very thankful right now. I couldn't ask for better friends, family, or church. 
I really wish I wasn't such a procrastinator. I wish I would have already finished this theatre assignment, but I just don't know exactly what it's asking me to do... ughh. I hope this week goes by fast, I'm just not in the mood for school at the moment. I am going to try and put on a smile and have a better attitude though, because that is what Bro. Totchie preached on this morning and it just sounded like such a good idea. I want to have patience and let The Lord work out my life and I'm going to try and do everything I need to so that that will happen. 
I hope everyone has a wonderful week! I love you all! 

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