Thursday, October 27, 2011

You tell me I'm a wreck, You say that I'm a mess, How could you expect anything less?

Have you missed me?
I've decided once again to come back to the blogging world, I've missed it.
I like having somewhere to keep the random details of my life.
I never finished my picture challenge, but oh well it's old news now.

Since I last blogged I graduated and gave an awesome Valedictorian speech that I will try and post on here soon because I am so proud of it. Summer 2011 came and went so fast, but it was interesting. I am happy to say that my parents have loosened the reigns some and are letting me start driving more and more and it's great! Our revival was wonderful, the Lord blessed so much. I went to the beach twice at the end of the summer so I had a great tan there for awhile. I have also been wearing my hair straight a good bit, which is something I haven't done in years!
Life has went from crazy to crazier! But it's good and I'm as happy as I have ever been.
I am in college which I absolutely love and am planning on going to pharmacy school to be a pharmacist, making it rain and all that ;) I am currently in the process of trying to find a job, surprised? Yea, so is everyone else ha. My time lately has been spent going to school and hanging out with the best friends. Last Friday night 8 of us loaded up and went to Birmingham in search of Sloss Furnace. It was so fun even though I might have bruised up Andrew's arm some, from trying to use him as a shield. Bro. Ricky Holman was at Rocky Branch this weekend for a mini revival and it was wonderfully amazing, I'm so thankful for the church I go to.
Today I had a demonstration speech and I did it on how to make a skirt out of a pair of jeans. I had all of this stuff I planned on saying that was all witty and whatnot, but everyone knows how fast I talk especially when I'm nervous, so I forgot half of it. I thought I did awesome on it tho and I sat down and was like yessss but then I talk to my teacher and she's like well you did this and this wrong...blah blah. I seriously think that woman is out to ruin my life sometimes, I'm like I was Valedictorian! I am smart! I did not come to college just so I could fail a SPEECH class, I mean come on this is ridiculous, but oh well I just smiled at her frowning face and left. It's all good because Thursdays are actually my Fridays 'cause I have no classes, whoo!!
Tomorrow night is the annual Fall Fellowship Festival (aka Halloween Party) at Shannon and LeAnne's, yay gonna be fun fun. Then Saturday The Longs are singing at Villa Rica, so of course I will also be going.

 I have been to so many weddings since the end of the summer! I love them though and would so enjoy being a wedding planner, I would be awesome at it! Kendra has already told me that I can plan hers :) You could probably care less about this, but it's my blog and I like lists!
1. My beautiful best friend Ashley Hovey to Patrick Cain
2. Lizzy Rice to Jeff Banzhoff
3. Friend from school Elizabeth Shaw to Matt Rucker
4. Jasmine Gaught to Jeremy West
5. Wonderful friend Melia Pittman to Jordan Cornelison
6. Another friend from school Holly Foster to Cameron Broadus

Okay here are a bunch of pictures in just (total) random order of my life from the past few months.

Headed to Chik Fil A with our hair in rollers before Ashley's wedding

Ashley's rehearsal

Girl's night! May '11

Driving with Kendra distracting me

Attempting a jumping picture

Kendra and I being weird on our way to the beach at like midnight

Mikato at the beach (me with straight hair!)

My good friend Zack and I at Senior Awards Night 
Before Ashley's Wedding

Shannon's 'girls' at the beach
Sloss Furnace Adventure (Smiling Kendra, Seth's shoulder, Back of Andrew's head, Chase turned, Mine and Natalie's smiling faces, Weirdo Caleb, and missing Kayla)

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