Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Can't buy me love...

So last night was great. Definitely beat all of my other Valentine's days. Derrick did the whole 9 yards.
1 dozen roses (pink and red)
Heart shaped box of candy
Stuffed animal
Crushed velvet gift bag that read "Hot Stuff" lol filled with Dove chocolate and gum
and a card.
Awe <3
He liked the stuff I got him too. Which I was glad, but he isn't hard to please. He said I could buy him a chicken a he would be happy (no, not the food. An actual barnyard alive chicken) of course I am NOT buying a chicken. Maybe for Christmas... Just kidding! After we did the whole awkward opening up each others gifts, we left to go eat our favorite Los Arcos! Then we went to visit Blake and Nakesha Lashae (who are not back together, but are still, you know, hanging out all the time and buying each other Valentine's). After all this we of course had to come back to my house to play wii! Where he beat me terribly at pretty much everything even though he just sits on the couch and moves his wrist as I stand up and actually try! But whatever I don't care. That night when he had left I still had to stay up to write that dumb hawk poem, and guess what it was almost 11 when I started on it. Not a surprise. It was over all a wonderful day though.
Today was also good. I now have 3 classes in a row that I don't really do much of anything. I stayed with my 3rd graders for most of that time, which I loved. When I got in there today they were all working on a math test. Not a hard test, just 11 problems on congruent shapes. Well... by the time I'm about to get ready to leave there is one little girl still hard at work on this test. It confused me because she is smart and she had been really working on this test. It is only her and I left in the room because everyone else had went to PE and Leah (the teacher) walks in and is surprised to see her, saying that she had told her she only had a few problems left. Leah picks up the paper to discover that the little girl has erased ALL of her answers! So what has she been doing for these what 3? hours you may ask? Writing and erasing and rewriting and erasing her name!!! She had done it so much that there was now a hole in the paper. Now why was she doing this? Her reply was "it looked ugly". Yea. Seriously. Tomorrow I'm going to start going over to the Primary school some to work with the littler kids. I need to see if working with babies is really what I want to do or if I'd rather work with the smart mouthed but can take care of themselves high schoolers. I just don't know. What I do know is that life is so much better when you don't have a math class :)
Peace out. (I don't think I've ever used that phrase before in my life hahahahahaha)

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