Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Please don't forget me, I'm going away.

Hi :)
I didn't post yesterday because some days my life is just so boring that there is no need to even blog about it. I did get my invitations yesterday, which are awesome. Be looking for one in the mail soon!
Today we had our cap and gown class pictures which I think went well. That gown is so hot though! It's not going to be fun wearing that in May on a football field, but sooooo worth it.
I tried to be productive tonight and Google Valedictorian speeches...and I YouTube'd some... I want it to be entertaining. I actually wrote some things down, that's a start!
Well not much to blog about, unfortunately.
Here are some pics from today!
Later Days.
Zackary and I
Ashley and I
Lauren and I
Morgan and I

Caleb and I

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