Thursday, November 3, 2011

And I set fire to the rain

It's been a good week. 
Nothing especially interesting happened, but you know good anyway.
This morning I woke myself up at 6 like normal and hit snooze about a gazillion times, but this morning what got me out of bed was my dad calling to make sure that my bro had gotten up and went to school, so I get up and check and tell him that yes Blake is gone and all the time I'm thinking how late is it?? Well it is 7:01... I have a 7:45 class today. I literally pull my hair out of it's sleep bun thing spray some hairspray, no idea why other than it made me feel a little better about not fixing it, brushed my teeth washed my face etc, and pulled on skirt, boots, and white tshirt. I then realize my white tshirt is completely see-through so I have to wear the jacket that is in the back seat of my car zipped up. I actually ran from my front door to my car and then drove like I had a death wish. As I'm driving I realize I don't have any jewelry on, which didn't help anything. Yea it was a fun morning. In between my history and psychology class I have a big time gap so I came home and got myself ready so I felt better. When I get back to school it starts raining before I get out of my car, but I'm like it's cool I've got an umbrella. I open my door, open umbrella, get out and the wind blows and my umbrella does that thing where it completely blows inside no more umbrella. I just had to run to my next two classes, which is always exciting. 
Monday was Halloween, I did nothing interesting while my little brother had a date. Not cool. 
Tuesday I barely remember, but I did go to choir practice with Kendra and then spent the night with them and me and Ken probably looked on pinterest for over an hour. We're obsessed. 
Wednesday (yesterday) was fine. Me, Kendra, Chelsea, and Rachael all decided to go to Oak Grove along with Blake, Kesha, and Derrick. I don't hardly ever visit, but I love going out there. The Lord blessed all of us which I was so thankful for. 

I love Thursdays since they are my Fridays :) 
I really can't wait for tomorrow though, because it's our singing yayy. I normally don't get very excited about ours for some reason, but this year I'm just really looking forward to it. Probably because it is The Long Family's last one, which is really sad. I can remember going to Long Family singings for as long as I have been going to church. My mom got preached to for the first time by going to a singing in Atlanta, and I'm pretty sure it was The Long's that were singing because I think she was with them. I never thought they would stop singing I guess. Oh well... 
Last year at our singing I wore a cute pencil skirt and black hose and pumps and thought my outfit was really looking good. During the first half I happened to notice the back of my leg and saw there was a hole in the back of my knee that ripped all the way down to my foot...yea. I left during intermission. Oh! and it was so crowded I was scared and couldn't get my car backed out so I had to get Bro Matt to come do it for me. Surely this year will be better! 

I'm sorry I ramble. I think that's enough for tonight. I hope everyone has a fab weekend! :)

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