Sunday, November 20, 2011

Someday I'll be living in a big ol' city....

I'm on Thanksgiving break until next Monday, it's a wonderful feeling. I plan on doing pretty much absolutely nothing and I will love every minute of it. I have like one Thanksgiving possibly two and one of them is right next door at Mimi's which is no big deal. I could go down there in my pajamas and no one would care. Friday is dun dun dun Black Friday which means shopping!! I was telling my mom that I have no winter clothes and it's depressing because I've been wearing the same stuff to school over and over and she was like "well me and mimi will hook you up next Friday" and I almost started crying when she said that... I'm pathetic. I love my mom. I don't know what I'll do when I get married and won't have her around all the time. She told me though that if I live next door to her that she will come over in the mornings and iron everybody's clothes... which is tempting because I know she is serious.

Thursday I went with Kendra, Seth, and Kayla to Bridgestreet. Of course we were late and missed the lighting of the Christmas Tree. Kayla and I went and did our own thing. Which involved us going to eat sushi and running around in the freezing weather shopping our little hearts out. We have a good thing going for us when we shop, we don't hover over each other and stand and talk all the time we actually shop. By the end of the night we had our arms loaded up and I looked at her and said "Kendra won't have one bag" and then we laughed because we knew she wouldn't. Kendra doesn't enjoy clothes and accessories as much as Kayla and I. If I ever want something a little out there or different I know Kayla will back me up. The other day I told her I wanted a blazer and she told me she has already been searching for the perfect one. We share everything and it's great. Kendra did not have one bag. She and Seth had been in Barnes and Noble the entire time because they were cold. I drove home with Kayla up front with me and we laughed over everything. Fun night. I felt accomplished, I got a cheetah scarf I'd been wanting, a necklace for 75% off, a watch regular $30 something for $12, a sweater for cheap, and new perfume :)
Thursday night was also the night our Country Bumpkins were number 1 on TruTV's Top 20 Most Shocking. Yea, def interesting.

Friday I met Jameson in Scottsboro and he took me to see Christmas lights at Rock City. Super fun. I got coffee from Starbucks before we went in and it was so pretty and we had the best time. I also wore the scarf, necklace, and sweater I had bought the night before. Possibly one of the best Fridays I've had in a while...

Random pics from my life.
Kendra and I at Haley and Chad's wedding.

Jameson and I. Sorry for my lack of photography skills.

My little bro Blake and his gf. We have to find out he even has a gf from fb. This is also her pic hope she doesn't mind that I stole it =/

My best friend since 1st grade, Jade. We were at a friend's wedding.

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