Thursday, December 15, 2011

'Cause hey I could be a superstar. I'll see you when you wash my car.

So yea, haven't posted since Thanksgiving! 
I know you all have just been dying from your lack of 'Hilary's dry wit and humor". Totally kidding. I'm not sure I even have followers other than Becca (love ya girl). I mainly just do this because... well I like it. 

Finals are over. I believe I managed to have an A in all of my classes EXCEPT for speech. It was an 89. I mean seriously?! Was one point going to kill her? It probably would have. Her whole goal in life is to ruin mine. Okay a little dramatic there, but still. Biology was hard and I never had a clue what she was saying, but she was a sweetheart and liked me so I came out alright. Today was my psychology final and I must say I really enjoyed psychology. Maybe because my teacher was hilarious (Shelby if you are reading this, that time I was on tv in class with the man with a ponytail, that's him). He really had a way of explaining things. He is an interesting character... like I said above: he has a ponytail, and his fashion sense is peculiar; one day it's a polo, crocs, jeans, and kavu bracelets and the next he is wearing a beige sweater with odd purple designs and has on a purple turtleneck underneath. He also drives a red convertible mustang and a white jeep wrangler with stickers all over it and a tag that says "PYSCHO". I think that is very clever and if I ever become a psychologist my tag will also say 'pyscho'. I sounded like such a stalker just then, I'm really not. I am just very observant and like to people watch haha. 
The last few chapters we studied were talking about mental disorders such as schizophrenia. You develop schiz. between your late teenage years and early adulthood, and are more likely to develop it if you're mom had a difficult pregnancy, if you were born during the winter months, and if it runs in your family. I was sitting in class thinking "I'm in my late teens, my mom had a difficult pregnancy, and I was born in February!!" I mean could you imagine knowing someone your entire life and then one day BAM they are a schizo! It would be terrible. Luckily, it only happens to about 1% of the population which is very rare, but still what if you were that 1%?! I also learned that we are all one stressful thing or chemical imbalance away from having a mental disorder... really brightens your day, doesn't it?

Anyways! On to a happier subject. Christmas is almost here, very exciting. I have 3 this weekend. Starting Saturday at my great-grandmother's, and then that night go to Kay and Ken's for our secret santa party, and then Sunday morning at my Mimi's. I don't even know why we call it secret santa because we get so excited we just have to know who everyone has (what does it matter?? haha), so naturally Kayla, Kendra, and I sat down and kinda did a map thing to figure out who had who. I have Kayla and she is going to love what I got her and I know Kendra has me and got me a Forever21 gift card, which I'm super excited about. Mimi told me that we were trying something 'new' this year with having Christmas at breakfast so I could wear my pajamas if I wanted to and I'm thinking that sounds like a glorious idea.

I think I have watched White Christmas 200 times in the past week. It is on repeat on AMC and I can never bring myself to change the channel. "Lord help the mister that comes between me and my sister, and Lord help the sister that comes between me and my man!"

Okay so that was a whole blog post about nothing. I hope all of you have marvelous weekends! :)


  1. Becca is definitely NOT your only follower. I read every single thing you post - and not in a creepy way - you just remind me a lot of myself. :)

    Also, I'm glad you mentioned the psych teacher. I forgot all about seeing you on TV until you mentioned it! You should feel famous :)

    Last but not least, I'm kind of scared about becoming schizophrenic now. Mainly because everything you mentioned about yourself (pregnancy, birthday in February, etc.) is exactly like me. o.o Ruh Roh!

  2. I so love White Christmas!! My fav Christmas Movie! LOL

  3. Wow Hil, sounds like you're gonna be schizo and have some other crazy mental disorder...nice knowing ya! (: still be your friend maybe...

  4. You would not Kendra. Don't even play lol.