Thursday, December 29, 2011

Go ahead pick my heart up off the ground if it looks nice in your hands, I've got no other plans.

2011 is almost over. Where did it go?
Many things happened to me in 2011:
I graduated
Started college
2 of my best friends got married along with several others I have been close to
Another got engaged
Another is having a baby
I've had several... interesting relationships this year
I wore my hair straight out in public for the first time in years
I got a new car and was finally allowed to drive it ;)

The Lord has truly blessed me with a wonderful life, I couldn't ask for anything better.

As for 2012... bring it on.
I can already tell this is going to be a great year. I'm going to be ringing it in with someone I am very fond of and I couldn't be happier. I am actually going to do some resolutions this time, such as:
1. No more texting and driving
2. Get in bed at a decent hour
3. Start working out somehow... hot yoga, zumba, running, something! (so cliche I know.)
4. Learn to sew (ha!)
5. More praying, less complaining
6. Have a lasting relationship
There is one more, but I'm not posting it on blog. I heard somewhere that if you write down your goals or tell someone about them you are more likely to do them, so there they are! Maybe I'll stick with them.
I will also be turning 19 this year, last year as a teen. It's a little sad. I'm starting to dread birthdays, which means I'm getting old! Yuck. When I was younger I always pictured myself having it together by now with the job, husband, all of my friends married too and us doing the same things we always had. It is soooo different than I ever thought it would be... and I'm totally okay with that. I'm in college and I'm happy! My friends and I may all be on different pages these days, but I still love every one of them as much as I ever have. It's a beautiful life.

Christmas was great this year. Got a Keurig coffee maker that I absolutely adore, some BCBG tracksuits that I now pretty much live in at the house, a DKNY watch that is perfect, and a bunch of other stuff that I probably didn't need but I love anyway.
Kay and I went shopping yet again (surprise) Tuesday and had so much fun. Boys, shopping, and sushi. A perfect day.
I am now addicted to Hanging with Friends, so if anybody else plays hit me up! I love it, even though I am very bad at it!

I need to get back to packing, going up to Ardmore tomorrow to stay with Laura and the kids.
Good-bye all! I'll be back in 2012 :)
-Hilary Christine.


  1. You ARE very bad at it. I made a comment today like ''Oh my gosh, I just beat Hilary Morrow.. and she is SO smart!!''

    Hahaha just kidding.. you'll get used to it soon and be blowing me out of the water! :-)

  2. Haha thanks Shelby! Chase said he was surprised too. I am getting better tho. One day! haha