Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm just a little bit caught in the middle, Life is a maze and love is a riddle

Happy Monday!
Well it's happy for me anyway because I am on Christmas break, yayy.
Today was a very unproductive day. I didn't get out of bed until I absolutely had to get up and start getting ready to go to Huntsville with Kayla. She always talks me into going by tempting me with food. So I just started getting ready with the thought of a Starbucks white chocolate mocha to motivate myself to take a shower and look civilized. While my hair was still in a towel she canceled plans because her was sick :( soo... back to pajamas it was! I wasn't too heartbroken, ha.

I had a fairly eventful weekend. My exciting Friday consisted of going to wal-mart with my mimi... whoo. When I returned home my brother and his gf were there watching The Help. Blake looked so into the movie, not. I kept hearing pieces of it, and it sounded awesome, and I love Emma Stone so now I have to go buy the book and the movie. "You is kind. You is smart. You is important." This just about made me lose it and I don't know why!? I wasn't even watching the movie! Saturday I was awoken by a phone call from my dear friend Rachael announcing her engagement!! So exciting! And so sad! Definitely happy for her though. I have never thought of being proposed to in the morning hours, but apparently it happens! Who would've thought! haha. Then I went back to sleep. The second time I was awoken by my brother handing me my brand new iPhone :) Thank you Mimi for the early Christmas present! He also picked out my otter box, which was purple. I was like Blake when you think of me do you honestly think purple? Well you shouldn't, you should think pink. I went and exchanged it for a pink one that afternoon. We also had the lovely chore event of going to Christmas at my great-grandmother's. It wasn't so bad. My wonderful Aunt KC made home made sushi, so I made myself sick almost eating so much of it. Blake's gf also ventured over there with us. I've decided Hannah and I are going to be best friends. I love her. Church that night, where I saw my long lost best friend Ashley! So good to see her! Miss her terribly. Also saw my other long lost Melia :) So Melia and Jordan, Chad and Haley, Cory and Rachael, and Me...and Kayla all went to Ichiban that night. Felt just a tiny bit out of place with all these married and engaged people, but Kayla and I are troopers haha. We all went back to Kay and Ken's for our secret santa exchange. Fun Fun. Rolled out of the bed (literally) and went to my Mimi's the next morning for yet another Christmas. Hannah was there and I told her just to excuse my homeless appearance, I was just at my Mimi's where nobody cares what you look like. It was a great morning. Drank good coffee and opened presents. Went to Oak Grove's Christmas Play that night with Kayla where yet again we felt out of place with all of the couples there so we skipped out on eating and headed to Santa Fe.
So this weekend I realized this is like the 3rd time my brother, younger by 2 years, has brought somebody to family events, that I have yet to do. How sad is that??

I have also decided to join Twitter. Don't know how long it will last, but I'm gonna try it anyway.
I think this is going to be a great week, full of not doing much of anything.
Thursday night is Christmas caroling, where Shannon threatened our lives if we don't show up. ;)
And Friday should also be a fun day.

Kay and I at Ichiban.

It's late and I've just started Hush, Hush so I think I'm going to go read that now.
Goodnight bloggers!


  1. Love the pic of you and Kay, and what is Hush Hush??? I'm guessing its another I need when your done! And text me your twitter name so I can follow you!

  2. Yeah...we went caroling at Oak grove last night and no one showed up..I was like ya'll need to do it like Shannon does...he forces us!! (: Twitter may last like a week....I'm not sure.