Thursday, April 14, 2011

According to you I'm difficult, hard to please. Forever changing my mind.

Well...Thank goodness it's Thursday right?!
I'm sitting here in my 3rd grade class while they are at PE (except for the 3 who are writing sentences).
I have been in a terrible mood all week. And I do NOT like it.
Neither does Kendra because she is such a sweetheart and has let me know every time she talks to me ;)
I am going to try and get in a better one before this weekend!

So I love the picture challenge. I am doing 100 instead of 30 days!

I am also very sorry that my blog is so ugly. I am having issues and cannot figure out how all of you gets your blog so cute. I'm not very creative. I'll probably end up letting Kendra do it for me.

I have been watching alot of Bones here lately and I love Sweets. He is so cute and I got to thinking hey I might like to be a psychologist. A forensic pyschologist sounds even better. Mrs. Huffman (my wonderful mother at school) would argue and say more like I'm the one who needs a pyschologist. Like I have said many times before though, I am Miss INDECISIVE! But seriously, I have got to figure out something to do. Even if it's just a general idea. I try to think of what I'm good at:
1. Telling people what to do
2. Reading
3. Talking. I'm not shy so pretty good social skills.
4. Planning
5. Okay I can't even think of anything else.
I would be a wonderful librarian. WONDERFUL! But sadly this world is going digital and that includes my beloved books (which I am sooo against). So sooner or later actual books will be a thing of the past and no one would need my awesome skills as a librarian. Sad, sad, sad. Of course, I will have my very own library at my house which will be a replica from the one in Beauty&The Beast. I've been collecting all my life for it (my mother calls it hoarding), so as long as I have anything to do with it there will be books!

See I totally got off subject. Random! My mind just jumps from one thing to another.

I will be leaving soon so I guess I should wrap this up.
I'll blog later!

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