Friday, April 15, 2011

And I don't know what I'm supposed to do, so I sit down and I cry too. But don't let her see.

It's Friday night. And what am I doing?
You guessed it. Blogging. If it so much as looks like it's going to rain, you better believe this little girl isn't going anywhere! Not even to Oak Grove's Easter Play that I have looked forward to driving to all week!
Dad was like "I can't believe you would even ask to go anywhere"

So... I wore this extremely cute skirt today that a girl at school made for me out of tshirts! Unfortunately not many people probably got to see it because I left school early because of weather. Dear little Zack when and got my car for me so I wouldn't have to walk in the rain, but just walking from the sidewalk to my car got me soaking wet. I got home and Madre had cooked me a Digiorno pizza (pretty much the only kind of pizza I eat), so I ate that then got under my electric blanket and put in Becoming Jane. I fell asleep halfway through the movie and slept for most of the afternoon and now that I'm up I just can't bear to finish Becoming Jane because I know what happens and it breaks my heart! Jenny will agree with me on this.
I think Jane Austen and I would have been best friends if we had lived in the same time period. I think I might be her reincarnated. haha. No seriously, watching that movie totally reminds me of me! Her love life definitely sounds like mine: Miss Independent, but then finally finds the love of her life, but can't be with him.
No I've got one even better! I've had more than one person tell me that Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses reminds them of me! You know the movie about the girl who is always trying to please everyone else and plans other people's weddings. Always the Bridesmaid never the Bride! Hahaha.

Yea. Well on a brighter note I asked mom if she would get me the new Harry Potter movie and she said I could and it would be my Easter :) Yay. I'm veryyyy excited. Harry Potter has been a part of my life for a very long time. It was probably one of the first chapter books I ever read. I have now read them twice...well except for the last one. I cried so much that I don't know if I want to put myself through that again.

Oh! I'm finally out of my bad mood :) Despite not getting to go to the play, I'm actually in a very good mood.

I'm having problems. Today is Day 5 on this picture challenge and I can't think of what to put. I mean the night I got the hg obviously, but I don't have a pic of that. So forgive me if I don't post one today.

Alrighty I feel as though I've rambled enough for now.
Until later.

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