Wednesday, April 20, 2011

But I'm not like them, Baby when you finally get to love somebody, guess what, it's gonna be me

Hello :)
So terribly sorry I haven't blogged in a few days. It was a busy weekend and has been a busy week.
Alas! I have found some time to blog. Yay.
I told Mrs. Huffman I blog and she said something like "I imagine you have a lot to blog about..." haha love her.
Soooo...This weekend:
I woke up and cleaned some (not alot) of my room and finally cleaned out my closets!! Finally. The sad part is I still have some boxes I need to go through. I then took a shower and somewhat got ready because I was going to pick up Kayla so we could go to Gville to get dress-up day supplies. I get to her house and see that the people that are staying at their house all weekend are already there! I look terrible. Did not iron my clothes or work that hard on my hair. So I'm like, okay I'll just sit in the car and wait on Kay. Of course Bro. Matt wasn't going to let that happen. He comes out there and makes me come in. I was embarrassed, but I love the people that were staying. They are our new friends that we met at Villa Rica. The Voiles' family. Daniel&Dee Dee, Alex, Nick, and Andrew. So I came in and talked and then Kayla, Caleb, and I went shopping. Kayla and I got back to my house just in time to finish getting ready and off to church we went. We had a ton of visitors! It was awesome. After church Kayla, Alex V., and I to McDonalds, which we didn't even want to eat at but it was still fun and then jammed to some Rihanna on the way back to Bro Matt's. We dropped Alex off and went in to talk for awhile and then Kayla and Kendra came and stayed at my house where we all slept in the same bed and couldn't ever go to sleep because we kept thinking of things to talk about. Yea, we're best friends.
Yay 3rd Sunday! Church was good, very long though. I saw some friends I haven't seen in forever which was nice. We ate in the kitchen and then said goodbye to our Villa Rica people. We all went to Gville, shopping again. Thank goodness I just bought 2 things. New Fossil Charm Bracelet and Charm, which I love. Went back to Kayla's and then to church. During communion I had to sit in the very back...again. It's okay though, I just think 'this is the lord's juice, this is the lord's juice'. haha. Kayla and I washed feet, she dropped the towel in the water, I started laughing and there went my mind! Her and I have fun times. I stayed the night with them and Natalie, because they always talk me into it.
Monday- First day of Eagle Week- Rockstar Day
We all got up and put on our awesome outfits and Caleb came up there so Kayla could gel his hair.
In case you were wondering, those are fake earrings and stick on nails in the pictures. 
A lot of people dressed up, I was glad. The best part of the day though was The Blood Drive.
I look forward to this all year. We actually had one a few weeks ago due to a scheduling issue, but I couldn't give because my hemoglobin was low and I'm pretty sure the lady didn't believe me when I told her my weight. BUT this time I got to give. I was so happy. I love giving blood, saving lives. I also work at it all day, so that was good too.
I had to run home after school and get ready cause Caleb and I were having our senior portraits made in Hampton Cove. I think they went well and after we ate at my favorite, Chili's.
Here are some pics.
Jade and I. 'Cause we all just wanna be big rockstars'

Natalie and I. 'And live in hilltop houses, driving fifteen cars'

Best pic of the day. Caleb and I. 'We'll all stay skinny cause we just won't eat'

Giving blood dressed as a Rockstarrrrr. (WHY can I not figure out how to flip pics?!)
Tuesday- Tot and Geezer Day
Today everyone either dressed as a Kindergartener or an old person.
I, however, did not get up until 6 after turning off my alarm clock and was not able to even scrunch my hair. So I had to wear it leftover from my senior portraits. Gross.
I also had the most awkward lunch ever, it involved alot of yelling. Jade and I wanted to crawl under the table. I also splattered salsa all over my white tshirt. Yea. It was that kind of day.
Thankfully the day went up from there. When I got home I got ready to go eat at Wings for Blake Edward's birthday. That food was wonderful. I wish I had some right now. I mainly talked to Kayla, Blake Chance, Luke, and Cory and we had the best time!!! After, Kayla, Seth, Kendra, and I all went to walmart to buy bandanas and Seth and Kendra were cracking me up. They are so funny. I drove us all home, and loved it.
Wednesday- Dressy Dress Up Day
Woke up late again this morning, but it was raining which I think is a good excuse. I still managed to dress up and get my hair up in like 15 mins! I was so proud of myself. Today was very boring though. Nothing interesting to even really talk about. I wish I could have stayed home.

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